AT FORT – Atelier European Fortresses

The historic environment of Europe is one of its greatest assets and an effective means of reconciling the needs of citizens, economy, community, environment, and society at large. But we cannot take it for granted! Our built heritage is valuable and vulnerable and securing its benefits now and in the future demands focussed action and investment from society, the heritage sector, and above all, the public authorities.
Aware of these possibilities and challenges, New Dutch Waterline proposed the AT FORT project outline to significant European fortified heritage sites who share the firm belief that preservation of these sites, coupled with their economic exploitation can only be achieved by creative, mutual thinking, building on an exchange of experiences.
Partners in the AT FORT project have set the overall objective ‘to facilitate the adaptive re-use of fortified heritage sites by exploring solutions for successful approaches and methods to deal with enabling conditions and to create better frameworks for their exploitation’.

The project At Fort ”Atelier European Fortresses – Powering Local Sustainable Development” is a Regional Initiative Project in the INTERREG IVC PROGRAMME.
Read more about the AT FORT project or about the project results.

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