UNIBO (Alma Mater Studiorum University of Bologna), CIRI Buildings and Construction


The Interdepartmental Centre for Applied Research on Buildings and Construction (CIRI-EC) of the University of Bologna promotes research co-operation and innovation within industries and small/medium enterprises by means of technological support, knowledge transfer and business development. Applied research on buildings and construction technologies is the CIRI-EC mission. Strong background and outstanding expertise on all the aspects of buildings and construction are the basis for the ideation and development of national and international projects as well as collaborative research projects with private enterprises characterized by high level of innovation. The University of Bologna is also partner in the 3ENCULT project (FP7).

CIRI-EC executes the case study in Bologna (Faculty of Engineering Building) and
provides tools and methods for surveying and monitoring the energy and seismic
behaviour of the historical and monumental building stock.

Contact persons: Andrea Gamberini, Barbara Ferracuti

For more information: http://www.eng.unibo.it/PortaleEn/default.htm