Utrecht University – Utrecht Sustainability Institute (UU-USI)


Consisting of more than 1.500 affiliated researchers, the Utrecht Sustainability Institute (USI) aims to find positive solutions to the increasing number of problems in the field of sustainability, such as climate change, energy dependence, scarcity of water and resources, explosive urbanization, and the social and economic tensions resulting from these developments. The core of its mission is the transition towards sustainable urban regions in the Netherlands and abroad, with a focus on connecting research, innovation and entrepreneurship.

In this project USI provides its skills in knowledge dissemination in order to:
1) collect, describe and visualize the lessons learned during the project and
2) disseminate these project results towards the market, public authorities and research communities by means of presentations, articles, social media and the organization of an international expert seminar.

Contact persons: Carolien van Hemel, Martine van der Woude

For more information: www.usi.nl