The Green Canals of Amsterdam

Sustainable, CO2 reducing measures within the ring of canals request challenging tailor-made solutions for energy reduction, which preserve the valuable historical townscape. Sustainability measures need to be taken urgently if canalside houses are to function well in the next 400 years.

‘The Green Canals’ joint venture has been set up to achieve this goal, bringing different parties together. The synergy between residents, property owners, technicians (companies) and financiers will lead to useful, feasible solutions for the sustainability of the ring of canals of Amsterdam.

‘The Green Canals’ will guide the sustainable preservation of several monumental buildings in the ring of canals of Amsterdam from 2012-2013. These properties will set an example: “This is how it’s done – generating and saving (green) energy!” Based on these experiences ‘The Green Canals’ will compose a package of measures in order to assist other property owners in realizing more sustainable buildings.

The project objectives are:

  • CO2 reduction by realising a more sustainable ring of canals in Amsterdam in 2013
  • Finding possibilities to scale up the project
  • Proving that sustainable working and living – even within the ring of canals – is possible


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