ARCADIS Netherlands BV


ARCADIS is an international company providing consultancy, design, engineering and management services in infrastructure, water, environment and buildings. We enhance mobility, sustainability and quality of life by creating balance in the built and natural environment. ARCADIS develops, designs, implements, maintains and operates projects for companies and governments.

In the REFOMO project we will help finding methods to deliver climate services into historical buildings in a sustainable way. We will use our knowledge base and lessons learned from our experiences of the recent past. ARCADIS won several prizes for sustainable solutions for the build environment. ARCADIS has a internal knowledge management system with a huge variety and which provides us with any knowledge we need.

ARCADIS will also check the REFORMO outcomes on its marketability. Therefore we will make use of our CANVAS model. This is a kind of dynamically modelling for innovative business models.

Contact person: Paul Brouns

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