NEGOS is a strategic consultancy with a novel approach in high-stake negotiations. Unprecedented track record in solving key issues, and achieving bottom-line results through the development, organisation and management of group advocacy projects. NEGOS is involved in a research of National Development Ministry of Hungary exploring the possibilities of modernization of state owned buildings. Due to specific historical factors most central government offices in Budapest are settled in historical buildings with very high level of energy saving potential. NEGOS focused on the organizational and financial aspects of the realization of a sustainability and energy efficiency modernization program. Currently the Hungarian government is planning a large scale development project focusing on the modernization of state owned cultural heritage scenes such as castles, fortresses and gardens in a sustainable and environmentally conscious way (in which NEGOS is also involved).

In ReFoMo NEGOS’ contribution exists of:
1) access to relevant local partners and to implementation scenes;
2) development of feasibility study for case Óbuda Gasworks / realization of Central Hungary Region pilot location;
3) contribution to all other activities

Contact person: Miklós Gyalai-Korpos

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